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There is no such thing as a perfect ministry or a flawless promotion program, and we have been learning from and growing by our successes and failures. Your support is important to help us carry on with our work.
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Support for our book giving and author empowerment program

In all the books we publish, we invite readers to respond by applying what they have been inspired to their life situations. These books are stories of God’s blessings for each writer, how they live out the Gospel in their daily life and radiate the power they have received from God to inspire others around them. Our publications are financed by a publication fund which relies on donations as its major source of funding. Our aim is to publish and distribute books for free so as to encourage readers to write their own books to share their own life testimonies.

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Support for our Bible App

Our “Everyone Bible App” will be launched in 2022 – 23. Its contents will include a Bible in textual and audio Chinese, Bible study materials, points for reflection, small quizzes, etc. Although there are already different Bible apps out in the market, we think a special one is needed to cater for the needs and interests of users across the age spectrum of 12 to 80. We hope that 100,000 or more users will download this app for their daily Bible studies. This app will need to be further enriched in contents and enhanced in functionalities. Your support in donations and promotion will be very much appreciated.

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Support for our puppet ministry

We encourage grandpas to join our puppet ministry to tell stories with the use of puppets. Given that the average life expectancy of Hong Kong people is about 85 years of age, a person who retires at 60 still has 25 years left to do a lot for the Lord. With this in mind, we invite senior citizens to participate in our puppet story telling workshops. On completion of the program, the participants can:

– Spread the Gospel using puppets in short-term evangelical missions

– Teach children the truths in the Bible at Sunday schools

– Look after grand children and establish them with Bible teachings


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