Puppet Ministry

Though motionless and speechless, puppets can be good friends to children. In our puppet workshops, you learn how to use puppets to tell children stories and give them guidance on good conduct. The results you get will be surprising and rewarding.

Some experts in education and psychology have suggested that telling stories with puppets can not only capture children’s attention and add flavor to the stories, it can also bring the following benefits:

Improve communication skills

The use of puppets can encourage children to talk and share their minds more freely

Help emotional development

Puppets can serve as close friends to whom children may vent their emotions

Inspire creativity

Children may create their own stories with puppets

Guide behavior

Parents may introduce and explain family rules to children through puppets

We can therefore see that puppet ministry is essentially the use of puppets to tell children stories and, in the process, to teach them how to distinguish between right and wrong, to establish good relationship with them, to enhance their creativity, to open up their minds to get a better understanding of their character and preferences. We can also go further to spread the Word of God through the use of puppets.


Puppet Classroom

Telling stories with puppets
Introducing puppets for the first time
Listening to the inner-minds of children