1. What are the delivery options?

Ans: For local delivery, EF Locker, Alfred Locker and surface mail. For international delivery, air mail, surface mail and DHL.

2. Only one destination of delivery per order?

Ans: Yes.

3. What is the charge of international delivery?

Ans: We provide the delivery options of DHL, air mail and surface mail. The delivery cost will be charged only after we receive the confirmation of the quotation from the buyer.

4. Are the items ordered wrongly returnable and refundable?

Ans: If the items have not been dispatched, the buyer can apply for refund. But if they are in transit, the buyer needs to provide us the reasons of returning or exchanging the items, and pay for the delivery cost.

5. How to handle the non-delivery?

Ans: If you find the wrong items or non-delivery, please take a photo of the shipping note and all the items received immediately for record, and contact us within 3 days after your receipt of them. We will send you a replacement, and will pay for the shipping cost.

6. What are the payment methods?

Ans: We accept PayPal (VISA) and bank transfer (HSBC bank account: 817-859317-838 or DBS bank account: 016-478-783307286).

7. Will the selected items kept in the shopping cart after clicking “logout”?

Ans: The items which you selected will be kept in the shopping cart though you did not complete the order. But we do not reserve the items for you. When you login next time, the items may be sold out.

8. How to inquire about donations?

Ans: Please WhatsApp us at +852 95347768, or send an email to us ([email protected]).