Our Team

Marvelous and surprising!
With professions in writing, translation, editing, design and typesetting, let us share our lives and influence others with words.



Deb has been a committed primary school teacher that keeps spotting treasures from students’ Chinese writings. Deb is mesmerized in reading, and keen on memory training, exploring to blossom the mind and soul. Just as a Chinese saying goes, “learn as we live on”, she seizes every opportunity to venture out to younger readers who have different thinking styles.


Marketing & Communication

Grace is a seasoned marketing specialist in resource and project development. Sociable and creative, Grace is well-versed with ideas to reaching clients across spectrums. Through active research on e-social platforms plus unique understanding, she is skillful in tackling challenges of promoting and marketing publications, and spreading the missions of EveryONE Press as well.



With an educational background in mathematics and science, Loretta also enjoys reading since little. From masterpiece literature to fiction, she never misses any book to her tastes. It gradually takes her on to writing and becomes a swift and logical writer. In thirty years of editing and publishing, Loretta took part in over five hundred publications. This bountiful production further commits her in language works from first-hand writing to promotion of publications. Loretta will continue her commitment, energize publication projects with more writings in pace of current social needs.



Spanda is always inspired by new discoveries and thoughts advocated. He also grasps opportunities of solitude contemplation. Having years of experience in graphic design, Spanda witnesses revolutions of fads and trends. He continuously upkeeps skills and revisits the old motto, “are customers always right?” He reckons not. Design is a matter of individual taste. Attractive or not is a personal preference. The latest trends such as “simplicity”, “peace”, “satisfaction” can be lived out well in everyday life.



Drawing and comic creation are Jonathan’s keen interests and he has accumulated more than thirty years of experience in graphic design and illustration. Jonathan appreciates best to present everyday life through illustration full of roles carrying vivid style, movements and expressions. He keeps good hands on mulling sentiments via drawings and comic. This well-rounded presentation is effective in inducing reflections on life. For children especially, he likes telling them stories on the one hand, and drawing pictures for them on the other hand, to be absorbed in laughter of childhood innocence.


Board Member

Rev Fu has shepherded the churches in US and Hong Kong for years. He likes to listen and care for Christians and even non-believers from different backgrounds and all ages with love, because he loves those whom are loved by the Lord!


Board Member

Lydia has been a lecturer in the university for years. She studies with students how to put theory into practice every day. Regardless of A or D grades, they are only theoretical discussion; what is important is to study for practical application and learn for life with frequent reflection.


Board Member

Most children call him Uncle Tony, he is the children’s favorite teacher, because he has a group of puppet friends who are good at telling stories and singing. His puppets know how to resolve the worries of children and calm the storm in classroom. Uncle Tony likes to tell Bible stories the most. As far as North America and Africa, and as close as Hong Kong, children of all races are his good friends!