Puppet Preaching


Our Puppet Teacher always lectures on learning with fun in the training courses for the teachers of kindergartens. He also shares the Gospel in evangelistic meetings for children. Children love to talk to his puppets, how interesting are their dialogues! Our Puppet Teacher conducts workshops to teach the skills of storytelling regularly as well. You are always welcome to attend!


Our Puppet Teacher is invited to visit several cities in the States every year, such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco… to conduct evangelistic meetings for children organized by the churches there, or perform puppet shows at streets, or go to the kindergartens to preach the Gospel, and train the interested parties to use the puppets to spread the Good News!


Our Puppet Teacher goes to Mainland China as well, to conduct the training courses there. He wants to make the most of opportunities to serve the poor children, or visit the kindergartens in different villages. Sometimes it is hard for the children and teachers to endure his poor Putonghua!


It is the place where our Puppet Teacher wants to serve more, because he is touched by the thirst for the Gospel of the students there. Although they are in face of poverty, injustice and wars, they still have faith in God. This is what we urban citizens need to learn!


Our Puppet Teacher often visits the orphanages there to share the Gospel. He likes to talk with the children and sometimes goes to the inland towns with the mission agencies. It is really distressing to witness their poorest lives! The distribution of materials can only lighten the urgent needs temporarily, and the living water of the soul is an eternal hope for them. Add oil! Strive for life!

Other Places:

Our Puppet Teacher also visits Germany, France, the United Kingdom… on invitation to serve the churches and schools there with his puppets. He is very excited to exchange the knowledge gained on puppetry with the great masters in various countries. They have all kinds of puppets, especially in Europe, where is the birthplace of puppets. It is really grateful to share the experience with each other!

We hope you can join us to develop Puppet Missions, please contact us for details.

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