Puppet Ministry


Puppet Teacher: Uncle Tony

He possesses forty years of teaching experience in kindergartens and primary schools, and is talented in story-telling and performing puppet shows to teach English and preach the Gospel. He is also zealous in visiting the elderly centers and nursing homes with puppets.


Our puppet ministry is to cooperate with schools, churches and organizations, employing puppets to spread the Gospel, tell stories, play games, and help pour out our hearts. The targets include children, the elderly, parents, and teachers.


Cooperation Programs:

  1. Churches
  • Evangelistic meetings for children
  • Sharing in Sunday worships or Sunday schools
  • Training Sunday school teachers to manipulate puppets
  1. Schools
  • Evangelistic meetings for students
  • Telling students stories
  • Training parent volunteers to manipulate puppets
  1. Organizations
  • Evangelistic meetings for the elderly
  • Developing visiting teams of puppet volunteers
  • Training elderly volunteers to manipulate puppets


Our Puppet Teacher also visited different places to preach, such as:

America, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Africa, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia…

Conduct evangelistic meetings for children organized by the churches there, or perform puppet shows at streets, or go to the schools to preach the Gospel, and train the interested parties to use puppets to spread the Good News!

We hope you can join us to develop Puppet Ministry, please contact us for details.

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